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My life is not worth reading about.

14 November
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Marriage is love.
a beautiful disaster, a static lullaby, adam brody, adam lazzara, alicia keys, andrew mcmahon, ashlee simpson, bad influences, band camp, bands, bass, being girlie, being in love, best interest, blink 182, blue, boys, boys with long hair, brand new, brown eyes, cake, calculators, carebears, cartoons, cell phones, chapstick, cherry flavored lip gloss, clothes, coheed and cambria, coloring, conformity, cons, cool whip and strawberries, crying, cuddling, dance, dashboard confessional, emo, emo boys, emo guys, emo kids, emo-core, everwood, fall out boy, falling into things, fenders, fighting, finch, finding nemo, flute, fresca, freshly shaved legs, friends, fun, further seems forever, fye, gang bangs, getting dressed up, gold, guitars, helping, here on out, hoobastank, hot topic, ice cream, jewelery, jumping on my bed, kissing, laughing, leaves, live journals, local bands, losing myself, lotion, loud music, loudness, love, lying, mae, matchbook romance, messing up, mest, midol, money, music, nail polish, new jersey, new york city, night, ob tampons, one tree hill, orgasms, pain, paint, panic, people, pepsi one, perfume, piano, piano rock, pie, pink, punk, purple, rain, rainbows, ralph lauren, rent, romance, roses, rufio, sand between my toes, screaming, screamo, secks, senses fail, sex, shoes, shopping, singing, sinning, ska, skaters, sleeping, slow dancing, snow, something corporate, spongebob, stealing profiles, story of the year, sugarcult, sunsets, swimming, taking back sunday, talking, telling secrets, the cure, the oc, the pill, the starting line, the used, thongs, threesomes, tv, typing, vans, walks on the beach, winter, yellowcard